Place a Bid
Place a bid. Once this happens, you'll see a charge placed on your card for the amount on the bid. This amount will be returned upon the conclusion of the auction should you not win or claim any smaller prizes for runner-ups.
Bid Notification
Within 48 hours, we will let you know where you stand compared to the other bids alongside a smaller prize. At this point you can decide whether to submit a new bid, claim the smaller prize for that price, or withdraw from the auction.
Update Bid
If you withdraw from the auction, we will process a refund within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction. If you submit a new bid, we will refund the old bid. If you claim the back-up prize, we will deliver it to for the price of your recent bid.
Claim Your Prize
Congrats! Be on the look-out for next-steps in claiming your reward, either the main one or the back-up prizes! All payments done for prizes claimed will be effected by our charitable donation.