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  • One-time only free limited report on your single game performance
  • Covers a partial list of everything from a normal report
  • Ability to unlock the the full report
  • Can only be claimed once
  • 2-3 weeks to produce compared to paid report
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  • Phone call to review game report
  • Tracking of players performance over time
  • Ability to get introduced to our network of trainers, agents, and coaches based on fit
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  • Receive a refund on any unused games
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to receive my report?
It typically takes us up to 1 week to complete a report (10 days for a goalie report), but usually we get them completed sooner. For the Free 1-Game Preview report, expect the reports to be completed in 2-3 weeks.
Can I do a group buy?
Yes, often times our larger packages are bought by a group of parents to spread the costs across a group or a team. If you're looking for a larger package, please Contact Us.
How do I get refunded on unused games for the year?
We require at least 1 game completed before we issue any refund for unused games. We will refund the amount equal to the number of games left in your program multiplied by the number of unused games for that tier. But we will charge more for used games in relation to the number of games used. For example if you completed only 1 game of a 5 game package, we will charge you $129 for that one game and refund $366. If you complete 4 games of a 5 game package, we will charge you $109 for each of those 4 games and refund you $59.
When are the best times to use these reports?
We suggest that players should do a breakdown of their most recent game for a baseline report and understanding and then do a report at the beginning and end of the season to track improvement and work on things appropriately.

Most of our users also like to have a mid-season report to check in on improvement especially leading up to the playoffs and during tournaments.
How does your Satisfaction Guarantee work?
If you don't like the first report we create for you, we are happy to refund you, which you can express to us during our report review session. Satisfaction guarantees are no longer eligible after doing the Free 1-game preview report.
You Deserve A Professional Review
Experience the best player evaluation & development report for youth hockey
Double down on your strengths
Learn your strengths & receive guidance on how to best use them in-game, with references to parts of the game film to review, allowing you to double down on those areas
Identify your areas of improvement
Know the areas you need to improve on the most with references to clips from your provided game footage. That way you can easily see your weaknesses & mistakes to improve your game
Learn which players to model your game after
Good artists copy & great artists steal. Based off of your play style, we provide you a list of current and former NHL players whose game you should watch and learn go imitate
Take your hockey sense to the next level
Be ahead of the play, every play, and learn to create time and space so you can have full control over the game. We will explain how you could have approached various in-game situations differently
Monitor to see if you are actually improving
Want to know if that extra coaching is actually making you better? We monitor your performance across different parts of your game and let you know which areas your improving or getting worse on in relation to your peers
Know exactly what you need to do next to improve
We create a list of challenges and skills to work on between this report and your next one so that you can continue to develop and improve in the most effective way possible.
Connect to our ecosystem
We've spent over 100 years working with the NHL. Players we work with may be introduced to people in our network of agents, teams, and college coaches for free
Allocate your time & money more effectively
Coaching and training in hockey is expensive. Use our solution first to know & understand what programs you should honestly invest in to be successful