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John Smith
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Game Info
September 26th, 2019
LA Junior Kings vs Mid-Fairfield Rangers

Mid-Fairfield Rangers
LA Junior Kings
Please note that this breakdown was done just based off of a single game. A multi-game review is likely to give a more accurate view of the player's typical performance. We are happy to discuss how a multi-game package would look like for greater understanding of player's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reads the ice well with his eyes looking to adjust to situations
  • Has good poise with the puck on his stick
  • Plays within himself to his strengths in different situations. Does not try to overdo/force things
  • Active at the offensive blue line, reads the plays well around him
  • Moves puck well to teammates with purpose and avoids putting it in dangerous areas
  • Good balance on his skates
  • Good hockey sense and ability to process the play, doesn't look overwhelmed under most situations
  • Feels pressure well and is able to make the right & safe play
  • Around the net, when he has the puck, he uses reverse option to his partner well
Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Strengths:
  • 7:19 – 7:30: In this 11 second sequence, you show good awareness to look first when getting the puck on the dump in. You make good decisions twice, moving the puck to the winger and then reversing it to your partner. We would like to see quicker feet to skate it with your ability
  • 12:07: You saw open ice to your right and the play in front of you, you looked with your eyes to see all your teammates to the left and skated to cover the right point, showing good awareness. Then you eased over to your side & look to keep the puck in when it was passed there
  • 19:48: Good awareness, looking back coming over the blueline. You show great hockey sense in your game in this play. On the powerplay, you are active from the point, jumping in to be an option
  • 32:42 – 33:00: At the end of this shift, you did a good job identifying & defending your guy in the cycle down low plays. Good poise shown with the puck on the breakout pass
Referenced Game Film We Reviewed
Areas of Improvement:
  • Needs quicker feet in transition, especially around the net and under pressure in order escape with the puck
  • In the mid-ice, we would like to see plays where you stagger with your partner on re-groups with the puck if opponents are cutting off the boards on your side. This will create more time and space for you
  • Move pucks with more snap on it, you need to be more deliberate with your passes
  • Look to be more dynamic with the puck & produce offense by taking charge and being more assertive
  • Add a slight mean streak to your game, especially around your net
  • Continue to develop confidence and the personal awareness to take the ice and carry pucks when the opportunities is there
  • Challenge yourself to be more creative with the puck in the offensive end. Hang on it more and embrace the quarterback role
  • Pivots and c-cuts could be quicker to get back to pucks and close gaps defending the rush
Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Areas of Improvement:
  • 5:15: We would like to see more of this, like we say in the comments below, if the ice is there take it with authority, which you did (too bad your teammate went offside, could've been a good!)
  • 7:02: Off the face-off, before receiving the pass from your partner, we would like to see you staggering backwards to spread out opponents to give you more time and space instead of going forward right into traffic. Also work to improve your backward skating while carrying the puck
  • 7:49: In the middle of a shift, mid-ice you had to turn quickly and with players on you. You're in a tough spot with puck bouncing on you (50/50 chance). Working on your skating will help improve your escapability in these scenarios
  • 32:44: Need to be quicker out of the blocks. Got a bad pass, but needed to start skating when you got control with pressure coming
Referenced Game Film We Reviewed
General Comments
John, the main thing you can control in your next set of ice times and training is your compete level, ensuring that you never get outworked. You displayed that you play the game with a great base of hockey smarts and know how to have the puck do the work for you.

It is important to understanding what you can do skating and puck rushing wise. You are a good skater, but quickness and ability to get away from pressure and continue to gain space is an area that needs work. Improvement in this area will allow you to hang onto pucks longer and more often, opening up options and decision making. It will increase your ability to be confident to turn defensive plays to offense and give you the ability to carry the puck out of your end with confidence when needed.

Player Comparisons
Below is a list of players who we think your game reminds us of and who we think you might consider modeling your game after. We recommend watching their footage as a way to improve your own performance and think about the game as if you were in their shoes:
Player Comparison #1
Sami Vatanen
Sami Vatanen has some interesting parts of his game for you to look at and copy. He competes hard in his end, is a smart decision maker, and could see the ice well
Player Comparison #2
Will Butcher
Will Butcher has some interesting parts of his game for you to look at and copy. He skates the puck up the ice and has great hockey sense. He also has quick feet and a high compete level
Player Comparison #3
Kris Letang
Kris Letang has some interesting parts of his game for you to look at and copy. He is a smooth skater with explosive lateral movement and escapability. His head is always up while carrying the puck, looking to produce offense. He looks to quarterback the play rushing the puck up ice with poise.
Moving Forward
"The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it."
-Wayne Gretzky
What we want to see in your next analysis:
We would like to see some progress on your quickness and explosiveness with regards to your skating. With the poise you already show with the puck, this will have a great impact on your ability to escape pressure and give you that extra separation to hold onto the puck longer.

Push yourself to take the role of more of the quarterback on the play, especially at the offensive blue line. Try to walk the line both ways and release shots from different angles while still being aware of your defensive responsibilities.

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