Fortnite VOD Review:
Review #1
May 25, 2020
Match Type: Solo
Competition Level: Normal Game
Eliminations: 6
Placement: 1
Please note that this breakdown was done just based off of a single game. We will continue to monitor these reports and your performance over time to see how you continue to improve as a player.
  • During this game there were two categories where you showed your strengths in particular. These categories include: Third party timings - It felt like almost the entire game was taking advantage of third party timings, and Taking fights with confidence - You take fights smart and do not back down from build fights or box fights.

Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Strengths:
  • 1:50 Leaving this first building you have a tac. You can easily look to be aggressive here, first get your shields up and enough mats for a fight.
  • 2:45 Good angle for a third party. You can guess that the other opponent is going to be out of mats or very low because he doesn't get this refresh.
  • 3:10 Super easy second kill, player had no mats. It seemed like a basic play but your timing and positioning for the third party was great.
  • 5:00 Because you are in a normal game, I would make sure you have a good enough loadout to leave and you should have good enough mats now to start your rotation.
  • 6:04 Good damage so far, continue your pressure to not let your opponent heal and quickly finish this fight.
  • 6:20 Nicely done. You could have played it a tiny bit slower to not take any damage but this was fairly clean.
  • 8:20 You had a good early game and are rotating out of Slurpy with a fantastic loadout and great mats.
  • 9:20 Good mechanics to not fall and keep height
  • 12:35 It is obvious you are playing to take every fight you see. It is good that you are playing around the edge of the zone to look for more isolated 1v1s.
  • 14:40 Great builds and RPG for a solid disengage.
  • 16:15 It is good to see you are still being proactive and looking for options to better help you win, such as this airdrop.
Areas of Improvement
  • Early Game Efficiency - Let's work on our drops so we don't have to think reactively at the very start of the game. Also when looting, have a smarter flow chart on what to loot first. First we need the chest for guns and shield, then floor loot, then early mats. This way we have a good enough loadout and mat count to take an early fight if needed.
  • Productivity - There are times in this game where it felt like nothing was going on. Continue to try and be proactive and take steps to help you win the game. Good example you did was when you stopped running around the map to try and find enemies but instead went for the airdro

Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Areas of Improvement:
  • 1:14 Lets make sure we get better drops in the future. You can even copy what this guy did that is below you
  • 1:35 You need to go to this chest first. No need to run around this building for 2 floor loot spots when you can get floor loot and a chest from below. Let's try to have an efficient early game as possible.
  • 3:35 No need to waste your time getting shield this way when you just won over slurpy. Think about continuing to be proactive.
  • 5:53 Make sure when you are RPG'ing an opponent's box to either go for an immediate shotgun shot (do not wait to see them) or to take their walls.
  • 10:35 This is a normal game but just be careful rotating with boats
  • 18:30 Sit in your cone so you can get as much information on the lobby as possible.
Moving Forward
Expectations for Next Time - We are going to want to see you in a much higher skilled lobby. Whether it be high tier arena games, scrims, or even tournaments, you need to go against a harder competition. We want to see you have a spotless early game as well as a good understanding on what you need to be doing next.
Suggested Improvement Plan
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Overall Game Performance Score:
We include this as part of the full report, which can be unlocked for $4.99 by clicking here.

Note this score is not indicative of your score as a player in general, but of your performance in this game relative to the competition level you are playing. Across the same competition, this number is an important one we will track for you over time.
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