Fortnite VOD Review:
Review #3
May 16th, 2020
Match Type: Duos
Competition Level: Duo Cash Cups
Placement: 14th
Please note that this breakdown was done just based off of a single game. We will continue to monitor these reports and your performance over time to see how you continue to improve as a player.
Player Strengths
Three things stand out during your performance in this game. It's clear that you have a solid early game plan, which continues from the prior game. We also see that you understand potential rotations. Finally you take fights with confidence throughout this game.

Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Strengths:
  • 35:30 Good Scouting
  • 36:15 You asked if this drop spot was good for solos and duos. You have gotten great loot here in all 3 games we have seen.
  • 37:00 Again I love the loot efficiency
  • 38:30 Good rotation here, lots of loot and fishing potential
  • 41:50 This rotation has been amazing. Lots of opportunity for loot as well as good mats. You are also moving towards the dead side of the zone. PERFECT!
44:00 Note: Zone pulls North, rotate North West for dead side.
44:15 Awesome opening tags. Keep in mind you are pretty edge zone so this should be a clean isolated fight for you guys.
45:20 Being more aggressive here is good, zone is going to close in.
46:15 Perfect execution. Caught the first player off guard and he plays slow to heal so you double team the other. You continue to pressure the first player and even finish him off as he heals.
46:55 These guys are being very weird. Try to not peak and look very passive so they feel like you are letting them rotate so you all can get into zone
47:00 At this point you know you are having to take the fight. These guys are playing so poorly but the best thing to do is fight them.
47:15 Played this super well so far, early tags as well as height.
47:23 Perfect double team, overall good fight. Those 2 players are trolling.. Hopefully they learned their lesson but this really griefed your game.
49:55 Playing patient here is really good. You have to do everything you can to not show yourself as a solo or you will get keyed.
50:00 HAHA it was your minigun from before not a Bandage Bazooka.
Areas of Improvement
  • Keep in mind potential loot paths - When you got your early RPG, your immediate thought should be to check heavy snipe as you rotate along the west side of the map.
  • Do everything you can to keep your duo alive - Play that last rotate with your duo to keep him alive and take on the next part of the game together. If you guys would have gone towards the team on edge zone and built up, healed up, and rotated away; you are giving yourself a much higher chance to get points this game.
  • When to fight - In hindsight the kills you got in sweaty were not worth it. Play for later in the game and let them go. You have a very easy rotate towards the dead side of the map to play out the rest of the game.

Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Areas of Improvement:
43:10 You see henchmen are still there and you have an RPG. Go prioritize that heavy sniper over anything right now so you have the crazy RPG/Heavy combo.
  • 47:40 You have to go towards these players you see on the hill, you end up trying to rotate far and you barely live with super low hp and your duo dies.
  • 50:15 Should've played even more patient and moved with zone on the east side. You would try to follow that team you saw before.
  • 50:40 At this point all these players know you are solo and are gonna go for the easy points.
Moving Forward
This game was quick but showed off your fighting with your duo. You take very coordinated fights and find easy 2v1 scenarios. You get held and griefed by a team holding you in zone and you kill them with ease. Next rotation needed to be towards the team on the hill but you game was arleady scuffed.

In our reviews of you next time, we want you to play more for late game. The past 2 games you do things to lessen your chances to win throughout the mid game. Think about rotating to the dead side to be safe. If the dead side is too far, then try to be in the center of the zone. Play more for placement and kills will come. The longer you make it in the game the more chances you have at kills.
Overall Game Performance Score:
Note this score is not indicative of your score as a player in general, but of your performance in this game relative to the competition level you are playing. Across the same competition, this number is an important one we will track for you over time.
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