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Brice "Gingerpop" Breakey Joins GameSensed
Gingerpop and his team are joining GameSensed to lead efforts in training & development of Fortnite players.
May 8th, 2020

Brice Breakey aka Gingerpop, is a former Overwatch player for Arc6, Denial eSports, and Simplicity. Since retiring from Overwatch, he began playing Fortnite professionally for Rogue.

Brice has a passion for coaching and player development and while at Rogue, Brice led many of the efforts around their Jr. Rogue program, a selective program designed to help new and up-and-coming players develop into pro competitive Fortnite players.

Through this he has trained many Fortnite players over the years, including Chap, Megga, and nanolite. The players he has trained have played for many professional teams including:
With his background, experience, and passion in helping players be successful, Brice was immediately the perfect fit for leading these efforts and he and his team have built out the tools and curriculum to help players be successful.

Brice and his staff of coaches will be doing VOD review sessions with players and for a limited time will be opening up for guaranteed live coaching programs.

We welcome in Brice to the team.

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