Brice "Gingerpop" Breakey
Fortnite Player, Rogue

I have been playing esports professionally since 2015. I have been helping players improve in esports since 2017. The players I've coached in Fortnite have had over 750k in total earnings. I'm now on GameSensed which means you can now send me any gameplay footage to understand my outlook on the game. I will tell you what you did well and what you can improve on with practicing tools so you can grow as a player.

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User Ratings: 5/5 (19 Votes)

    Public Reviews:

    • "I don't think I said it enough but, thank you so much for the opportunity just knowing someone on a esports team and a Fortnite pro like Gingerpop giving me tips to improve is just an awesome opportunity to encourage myself to move forward with it."
    • "Yo everyone thx to @GameSensedFN @Gingerpop pop for helping me and my trio in becoming one of the next top trio."
    • For anyone who needs help with coaching on fortnite and or who just wants a vod review I would 10/10 most definitely check out tit out there super nice and respectful and it’s definitely worth that time!
    • Highly recommend going to @GameSensedFN to improve your Fortnite gameplay, its a really detailed but helpful service that will review your gameplay and help you improve. Report delivery is super fast too, they won’t dissapoint.
    • "Learning from Gingerpop was so much fun! He is very supportive and easy to approach which is I believe is very essential in a coach!"
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