Player Breakdown:
Logan Hawes
Right Defense
#62 Tampa Bay Jr. Lightning
Game Info
February 13th: 2021
Tampa Bay Jr. Lightning vs Houston Wild

Tampa Bay Jr. Lightning
Charleston Jr. Stingrays
Please note that this breakdown was done just based off of a single game. A multi-game review is likely to give a more accurate view of the player's typical performance. We are happy to discuss how a multi-game package would look like for greater understanding of player's strengths and weaknesses.
  • You have good size for your age, just be sure to use that asset.
  • Skating ability, ease of your skating
  • Handled the puck well
  • You have some passing skills that are consistent and on the tape.
  • Your stick ability to defend and mostly in good position
  • Agility and mobility to skate well both forward and backward
  • Showed good touch on your passes especially when needed and you snap it for longer passes.
Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Strengths:
First Period - First Tape
6:34 - Right away in your first shift you showed your agility and quick read to go to your left and go for the puck.
6:45 - Nice pinch at the offensive blue line to keep the play at the offensive zone, moved off the boards with hands to get a shot to the net. As play continues you are looking to be active at the blue line to get open.
7:00 - Reading this play around to your left, nice to get to the puck using one hand to poke pucks, right decision.
7:50 - Nice skating and being on the puck-carrier's hip, cut him off the wall, used your stick well.
11:45 - You went back to get the puck and gave a nice touch back-hand pass for your partner around the net to handle.
18:10 - Good hands at the offensive blue line taking the puck off the boards and chipped it by the forward.

Second Period - Second Tape
3:00 - Nice outlet pass on the tape. Could have taken it behind the net first. You looked up the ice, skated it to traffic but made a good play.
3:15 - A nice stick check but earlier you were too passive and created this play, you had to recover to the net.
5:22 - I like that you skated the puck after pressure and went back to your zone.
10:15 - Good pass to partner, settle down so as not to make it too quickly.

Third Period - Third Tape
5:30 - Nice skating and stick handling then you lose it and you showed no stopping or urgency to come back hard to help out, it's in your end.
      Areas of Improvement:
      • Need to become more offensive minded. Skate with the puck up the ice to make a play with purpose
      • Gap control ability, more intensity needed to be on players and close gap leading with stick
      • More urgency to become a difference maker, you have the size and skating
      Example Timestamps of Film Footage in Reference to Areas of Improvement:
      First Period
      12:05 - Try not to be so defensive minded in open ice to the right on the blue line. Be more up and ready to jump on the board plays.
      12:35 - This play should have gone to the puck carrier around the net. Leave your guy that is not dangerous. For partner it's a tougher play, you had the angle to get to the puck and opponent .
      12:45 - You had the puck behind the net then right away, too soon, you passed to the partner in the corner. He then gave it back to you anyway.
      17:45 - Don't stand in front of the net when your partner has the puck behind the net. You need to be in open corner for his outlet if needed.

      Second Period - Second Tape
      5:15 - Keep skating with the puck, you made a pass to a player that wasn't really open. When you have skating room, take it.
      9:48 - Stay up on the blue line, you were standing by the red line and you need to be up when there are no opponents outside the blue line. The puck is down low, you are too far away at the red line.
      11:40 - Close the gap with more urgency to the player coming around the net. Keep on them to the corner.
      17:40 - You had the puck off the centre face off, skated and passed it off the boards to their defence at their blue line - no purpose.

      Third Period - Second Tape
      24:32 - Read the play at the offensive blue line, don't give up the middle with skater coming through the circle.

      Third Period - Third Tape
      1:12 - Logan, you went for another hit, led with the body/chest, you need to work on technique. Lead with your stick, first off you can't give up the blue line before the failed hit.
      2:00 - You need to work on your one timers, second time you didn't make good contact. When chances are there take advantage of them.
              Player Comparison
              Below is a list of players who we think your game reminds us of and who we think you might consider modeling your game after. We recommend watching their footage as a way to improve your own performance and think about the game as if you were in their shoes.

              These players include Kris Letang (left) of the Pittsburgh Penguins because of his ability to control the puck and his Defense, as well as Chris Tanev (right) of the Calgary Flames because of his stay-at-home defense.
              Overall Comments
              Logan, you are a player who has tools to work with. Can you bring it all the time and take the puck and make the opponents aware when you are out there? Skating is one of your best assets as you move freely both ways. I would like to see more urgency and drive to be a difference maker with your skating.

              In this game I saw your ability to make solid passes and good decisions. Most of the time there was purpose for your decisions, not just a kid that ran around. You showed poise and good sense for the game and your position. You don't want to be just a safe defense man. I think you have some points to add to the team so just be wanting to do more

              Now that you've got a sense of what our scouting team thinks about your performance, let's jump on a call to discuss your performance in more details as well as hear our thoughts on building an action plan to improve. Shoot us a message to get this scheduled.
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