Imagine Winning Every Play
Our team of Professional NHL Scouts review your game footage and create a personalized report for a season and built a player Profile. These are TRUSTED LONGTIME SCOUTS and ex - PRO Players. This will help you understand your game and know exactly how you can accelerate your improvement to continue to reach your goals.
You Deserve A Professional Review
Reports are real, unbiased, trustworthy assessments of your skills & use of your assets. Strengths & Weaknesses are put together by knowledgeable staff with real hockey experience.
Double down on your strengths
Learn your strengths & receive guidance on how to best use them in-game, with references to parts of the game film to review, allowing you to double down on those areas
Identify your areas of improvement
Learn about who you are and who you could be as a player. Know the areas you need to improve on the most with references to clips from your provided game footage. That way you can easily see your weaknesses & mistakes to improve your game
Learn which players to model your game after
Good artists copy & great artists steal. Based off of your play style, we provide you a list of current and former NHL players whose game you should watch and learn go imitate
Take your hockey sense to the next level
Be ahead of the play, every play, and learn to create time and space so you can have full control over the game. We will explain how you could have approached various in-game situations differently
Know & monitor how scouts view you as a player
Want to know if that extra coaching is actually making you better? We monitor your performance across different parts of your game and let you know which areas your improving or getting worse on in relation to your peers
Know exactly what you need to do next to improve
We create a list of challenges and skills to work on between this report and your next one so that you can continue to develop and improve in the most effective way possible.
Connect to our ecosystem
We've spent over 100 years working with the NHL. Players we work with may be introduced to people in our network of agents, teams, and college coaches for free
Tracking your performance over time
We monitor your development over the course of the season throughout these reports.
How It Works
Send Us Film or We Attend Live
Send us any footage via email. This film can be video from your phone or from a streaming service like HockeyTV, LiveBarn, YouTube, etc. If you have difficulties getting access to film, we can help organize a videographer in your region. We can also attend the game live in person.
We Do Our Magic
Our software & team of experts will create a report card of your performance and add you to our database of players which we track and measure over time.
Continuous Growth
We will continue to give feedback to your child over time. We know that with guided feedback and structured goals we can effectively improve their game so they can achieve their goals.
Unlock your potential as a player
Our reports are designed to help you reach your full development potential.

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